"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Timeless Echo

Timeless Echo
A Collection of Poetry and Prose for the Soul

I am thrilled to share that the above book has been published this year 2020

Excerpts from the book can be found here.
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"A note from the author....

If I could give you one thing it would be to let you know, to have you know that you are a divine manifestation of love that seeks to know itself in a myriad of ways. If I could help you to feel the depth of love that this Universe has for you, not because you have done something or achieved some kind of success, simply because you are here as a part of the curiosity of an infinitely loving Creator whose love does not begin and end with whether you get this right or wrong, with whether you know your role here or earth or not. If I could reflect a knowing to you that you are enough, not even enough, more than, I would sky write it in the stars because there is nothing, nothing you ever do or don’t do that prevents you from being loved.

It’s that simple

Take this into your heart my beloved fellow traveller and let this be the footprint of your soul upon this earth."

Heaven On Earth

It felt like a long way home
Indeed I felt a long way from the home

That I knew so well
The home that always smelt of
Rain kissed earth and
Blooming jasmine trails
The home where my heart
Never questioned and
Simply softened into its own
Breeze of cool and refreshing air
This place that I know
Speaks of an abundance of
Riches of nature that we dare to dream

About here on the earthly plane
And how is it that we dream
Is it because we remember this
Place in the very cells of our being
And desire to create our very own

Heaven upon this earth

The Mystery

Upon gossamer wings
I catch the gentle drift

Of the dandelion’s wish

Bending to hear the

Whispers of a thread
Of a secret so delicate

That my breath is halted

As the dew captures

The romantic gaze
Of the gazelle tip toeing

Upon woven silk

Listening to the notes

Of the silent lark

Ushered into silence
By the beams of
The moons shadow

Waking the dawn of
A land steeped in the

Magic of the pages
Of a life as yet unwritten


It is in the embers of the fire

When all else has burnt away

Is dying or dead
That life dares to flicker

In the radiant red glow
Of the aftermath
Of heat and untamed flames
The light burns brighter
At the centre
Of the chaos and rubble
It smoulders quietly
Yet potently amidst

The seeming devastation

The destruction and the ashes
Of what once was
Leaving what is
A spark