"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


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To hold beauty in your hand is to see yourself reflected there

Purchase the Sophia Jade Pendant

I am thrilled to share that the Sophia Jade Sigil has been created into the most exquisite pendant. 

This pendant holds within it the energy of Beauty..... that which exists in all things and allows us to access Love at all levels.


It also holds within it the energies of all thirteen essences. Each essence empowers us to remember who we are at our very core. An aspect of Source Creation.

This pendant has been created with deep reverence for this knowing and allows the wearer to reconnect with their unique blueprint and soulful connection to the all that is.

It is the divine marriage between soul and human form incarnate and the sacred marriage between the masculine and feminine aspects within. It holds within it the energy of the zero point balance from whence creation came.

It is divine and pure in intent allowing the wearer to access their own truth and sovereignty. It creates a space for expansion and transformation should you as the recipient and guide of the energies held within, choose to receive them.

Created with the precious metals of gold and silver to represent the masculine and feminine, it has a hand picked diamond at its centre to represent the heart of all Creation.

Purchase the Sigil Design: (Tattoo)

If you are interested in the Sigil Design as a tattoo - then it can be purchased. The design holds within it much power, potency and magick and so I would ask you to honour it deeply as a sacred symbol and choose to wear it as such.Details can be found in the About Section.