Winds of Change

Winds of Change

Winds of change Blow through the Torrid affairs of Yesteryear whipping Up and revealing The long cast shadows Of the oppressor Himself caught in the Glare of his own Headlights and as The crumbling walls Of outdated systems Clamber in fear at Their own dissolution So shall the fear Of the innocent be Effortlessly swept up And cocooned carried Into the light of a Brighter morrow for The seeds have long Been sown that now Burst forth under The cleansing showers Of these rain clad skies For freedom lies in The hearts of a Humanity whose singular Desire is to create anew Having reaped and Cast asunder the Chains that have bound Even the most undeserving And in the midst of the Swirling energies lies The stillness of a New dawn birthed From the hearts of the Valiant who hold all In the palm of their Hands that they may Raise all unto the sky And fly

(c) Nikki Sophia Jade

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