Walk that mile in someone else's shoes...

It is an old adage that implores us to use discernment and greater empathy towards another, towards our fellow human beings..... "walk a mile in another's shoes".... The absolute truth though is that we can never actually walk that mile and know and feel all that that person knows and feels. The closest we can ever come with all the compassion, love and empathy in our hearts is still filtered through our own belief systems, through our perceptive map of the world and maybe even through the choices that our soul made in choosing what it came here to experience. Why do I draw upon this now, at this time?! Swathes of the population are in pain right now. There is confusion and fear, disillusionment and uncertainty around every corner. It would be foolish and churlish to underestimate the impact that this last year has had on our systems: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As we enter this next phase in the UK of gently reemerging into the world it is clear that life will never be the same again, there is no 'back to normal' and I proffer that right now it is people's emotional and mental states that need to be taken great care of. And it is with great sadness in my being that I see so much self righteous pedalling of what is THE 'truth', what is THE 'right course of action' for individuals and humanity to take. None of us know. Not fully. Not one of us can be absolutely sure of how events will unfold, not even in our families and networks let alone at a Galactic level. Many of us have insights and intuitive feelings and that's just what they are. No more, no less. I am not suggesting that we all keep quiet and keep our thoughts to ourselves- Lord knows we all need to re-connect and commune with each other. What I would love to see more of and I have spoken of this time and time again is self responsibility - take responsibility for your beliefs, your insights, your intuitive knowing and own them.

Allowing each other to have the freewill to make our own choices doesn't mean that being educated, inspired, empowered even are not helpful or supportive - they absolutely are. I would even go so far as to say necessary. However, I would urge all of us to take a breath and know that the moment we tell someone that their choices are wrong or are coming from fear we have overstepped all kinds of boundaries. Telling anyone else that their choices are wrong and wrapping this in a justified statement of love is fierce and compassionate and boundaried is tantamount to abusive in my humble opinion. Feel free to have your opinions and share them as far and wide as you care to do so but please stop sharing it as a Universal Truth or as the answer for All. This can never be the case. It is simply not the experience we came here to have as human beings. We are not automatons with the same agenda or even share the same desires in terms of what we want to see take place or take shape in the world. I am, of course, fully aware that all of the above is simply my take on what I perceive to be happening. Love does not judge. Love does not care which side of any line you sit on. Love does not need to be right. Love just is. In a world filled with confusion and pain - let's be kind and truly loving and compassionate and take time to remind each other of the beauty that exists and that in each beating heart of every soul that walks this incredible planet - there is gold. Shared with love, always and all ways

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