True Beauty

True Beauty is not of this world. Back in 2012 I wrote a book entitled "Unconditional". It was a look at why we are so predisposed to value ourselves and others on the physicality of our beings. It is no surprise that the beauty industry is one of the biggest industries in the world with the UK beauty industry alone valued at some £27 billion. As I come to rest deeper and deeper into my own essence - that of 'beauty' I am acutely aware of why we are so fascinated with the idea of beauty. Whether that is in relation to the perceived beauty of a person's face or indeed the beauty of their soul or It may be the beauty that we seek in the places that we frequent, to be found in exquisite architecture or in the beauty of the wilds of nature. We can find beauty in art, poetry, writing, photography - the mediums to see and explore this ever present and evading notion are widespread and perhaps even infinite given that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, at this level. However, something struck me after my last photoshoot. As I was integrating the process of once again being photographed - I asked myself why it was that I enjoy the process so much, because the truth is, I really do enjoy being photographed within the container of a 'formal' photoshoot. The answer that came was surprising and unsurprising. It has become clear to me that my essence is 'beauty' and so my explorations of what this actually is, have been lifelong. I have, of course, shied away from owning this due to what the beauty industry has created in many ways. The judgements, the aspersions cast in relation to arrogance, competition - again the list is endless. I am aware that many of those judgements began and ended with myself. The importance of this ramble and sharing of words though is that we will always desire to know more and understand more of the great energies that this Universe is predicated upon. Along with love and joy, beauty is one of those energies that is not of this world. It is one of the reasons that we try to so hard to define it and yet like love it is undefinable. Beauty is an energy that was present at the beginning of time. To this end we will never be able to place it in a convenient box with a label befitting it and for that, like all the great mysteries of the Universe, I am truly grateful. Beauty does not desire to be caged - she is free from all constraints and restraints of the mind. She is of the essence of the heart. This is why when you see, feel, taste, hear something of true beauty - it can be almost impossible to capture it in words or indeed art or creation of any form. Beauty is an experience. An energy of remembering. She is in and of everything, just as love is. It is in experiencing beauty in this way that love and joy arise. Perhaps together they form their own holy trinity. Shared with love always, all ways

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