The Unknown

The Unknown

Oh how I have fallen in love with you The temperate way in which you Invite me into the dance and give Me all the breathless space in the World to find my own steps to the Rhythm that beats longingly and Though persistent I cannot grasp From whence or where you came Oh how I have succumbed to the Tantalising tendrils of your Beckoning and the play of words Upon the tongue of your potential Falling beyond liminal space into The cauldron of all creation tossing Tumbling, turning and yearning To savour the very essence of The omnipresent and omniscience Of your intangible form Oh how I have surrendered to the Utter guttural aching of the desire To know you and the palpable Way in which you draw upon my Utter devotion to the grace of the Presence that literally cascades

With waves of orgasmic bliss up And down the arc of the spine of That which lies between here

There and the freedom of the Un~knowing of all things. Tis truly a pleasure to make Your acquaintance…

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