Tender ~ ness

Tender can often times be a word that is used for those feeling fragile or perhaps overly sensitive. I can feel the judgement that has been placed upon the meaning of this word, like so many. These past few days I have felt tender. This feeling is very specific and the word used very deliberately. What I am noticing as I allow myself to be gently absorbed by it is an expansiveness - much as you would encounter when you go beneath the surface of the waves and the ocean floor opens up to you as a vast vista of such curiosity and wonder. Perhaps even multi dimensional in its offerings of all that there is to see and to taste with the eyes and the skin. As I melt into feeling tender I am aware at just how open and expansive the vista of my heart has become, perhaps somewhat unknowing to my ever active mind. In the unknowing I can feel the gentle contraction that arises when my heart feels this open - for it is true that an open heart is a heart that is willing to experience pain. Likely something that it has experienced many times over. In the willingness to open ever further to life, to love, to new experiences and to embrace that which has been and is, the tenderness comes as a wave to remind me to stay close to myself and to stay soft and gentle and oh so very present to the whispers and wisdom that my body will so readily share with me. Feeling tender, like all emotions, is not something to 'tend' to and shift and fix, rather it is to 'tend' to its message and for me, the welcome energy of an embrace that I give to myself. As I feel into it at a deeper and more subtle level, so it moves through my body like a molten liquid, the burning away of all that has been that would lead to a tender state and concurrently soothing every corner and every cell. For in exquisite truth and something that I am allowing myself to experience more and more are the polar opposites that reside side by side within the same energy and emotion - much as two sides of the same coin. To recognise tender~ness as both an opening and deepening in response to a releasing of that which is tight and constricted - my heart can trust ever more in my ability to be with all that is, in any given moment. These are such precious times for such internal exploration and heart and soul expansion, of the tender kind. Shared with love always and all ways.

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