On Being in Love

On Being in Love...

Someone commented recently that it looks like I am in love.

The truth is - I am.

Im musing that this idea of 'being in love' can have many different associations. It can be attributed to being in a relationship with your beloved. It can be attributed to being in the passion of your work. It can be attributed to finding ourselves somewhere engaged in something that gives our hearts and spirits a lift. It can be attributed to finally feeling like you have come home to yourself and are more accepting of who you are.

All of the above could be said to be true for me. Yet as I drop deeper into this idea of 'being in love'... it is perhaps even more simple. Being in love is not necessarily about certain people or places though they can help to bring about an experience of the energy of love....

In truth - we are all 'in love' all of the time. We can never not be in love. Everything in our world is immersed in the energy of love no matter the experience we are having. So, what makes the difference between whether someone looks like they are in love or not?!

I sense it is simply a willingness and an openness to experiencing it. I can be fraught, frustrated, challenged, sleep deprived and still have the clarity in my eyes of someone who is deeply in love. How many people have had it reflected to them that when they are in midst flow of tears or soon thereafter, that they look amazing?! I know I have. What I recognise in those moments is that there is a very tangible surrender into being open and simply feeling all that there is to feel.

Love is not a high vibration - it is not something that can only be achieved by being high vibration. Love is in and of everything and everyone no matter where they are in themselves or the parameters of the external situation.

Love simply asks that you be willing to feel it, acknowledge its very existence. It does not discriminate nor judge so be mindful that you are not doing the same of yourself. You are worthy of feeling love, lovable and loved no matter where you find yourself.

Be open to experience - begin there. And that's an inside out job.

Love is not about the perfect partner, the perfect job, the perfect walk in nature, the perfect recognition of self love - it just is. Can you be open to that being a truth for you?!

Shared with love always, all ways

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