Never Abandon your Heart

Never abandon your heart.....

One day you will find yourself heart wide open, stretched out to the Sun, thanking the Universe for that which it has brought to the door of your heart.... and you will find yourself not being grateful but experiencing gratitude wave after wave after exquisite wave. A visceral experience that will leave you breathless, in awe, wondering at the miraculous nature of the whole.

How do I know?! Because I find myself in it, submerged in the light of my own heart, receiving over and over the gift that has been bestowed upon me.

Why I am sharing this today?! Partly because it is my very current, in this now moment reality, and because no matter what is going on in the external world, these moments are not only possible and present but perhaps more possible than ever before. As the shadows of our world become ever more visible, so the light has a way of finding its way in deeper and deeper lighting us up not only individually but collectively and the world itself.

To relate this more personally. To create Heaven upon this Earth, to bring in the New Earth of our choosing and co-creation, it is inevitable in the matrix of our current world that pain, discomfort, challenge and fear will be felt and experienced. We have to meet those elements with an open heart and a willingness that you will only know when you are prepared to let go of control and truly, irrevocably see yourself.

With one particular area in my life I have long held a vision of that which I wished to experience and it is no word of a lie that in holding that sacred vision I have been to my own version of hell and back over and over, I have faced my own shadow and crumbled at that which was reflected back to me. I have been torn and shred into pieces that I thought I would never piece back to together. I have doubted, I have endured and lived the antithesis of the sacred vision I held for myself.

These journeys are not linear, we spiral in and out, facing the same pain and challenge over and over until we find ourselves in a space where we are not. That moment. Right there. That moment is where the Heaven meets the Earth and all else dissolves.

Whatever vision you hold in your heart for your health, your creations, your children, your relationship, your friendships, the earth ...... hold it as though it were the most sacred object you have ever laid eyes upon, for in truth it is. For this vision is a reflection of you and if you can hold yourself as the sacred and divine energetic lifeforce that you are - it will manifest. It may take months and years - that is the nature of life upon earth and I promise you this - the moment that you receive the gift of your heart centred vision into your life - every second of pain - you will understand its potency and magic in bringing you that which you want and desire. Every moment of doubt, pain, challenge, fear has brought you here. This is where the experience of gratitude becomes not just a surface level thank you but a deep, world shaking connection to divine love.

So I implore you......

Hold the vision in your sacred and beautiful heart of that which you want for yourself and that which you want for the sake of the earth and for humanity..... it WILL come to pass....

Don't trust in my words - have the experience for yourself. Use this potent time in history to go deep into the wants of your heart for your heart is the sacred portal to the heart of creative manifestation. Find that which is most true to you and honour it, revere it and feel it as the sacred desire of your Soul in its absolute fullness and watch with anticipation as it unravels and unfurls into your physical reality.

Your Heart is the Doorway to your Soul's desires being made manifest. Trust in its wisdom and come back over and over and over and over again..... no matter the exhaustion, the disbelief, the drowning - it will be worth it. You can have what you want. I know.

In prayer, gratitude, reverence and love - thank you to the gift in my life right now. You know.

And for those of you reading - are you willing to go deep into your heart and connect with your deepest longing and let it be heard by the Universe. Sing it out, pray it out, shout it out and meet every obstacle, every challenge, every pitfall with an open heart and a deep rooted trust in YOU.

Shared with love always, all ways

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