Love is the sea where intellect drowns..... Rumi

"Love is the sea where intellect drowns.." ~Rumi~

Oh how I would love to hear Rumi philosophise and verbalise and bring words to our current 'state of affairs'.

I wanted to bring food for thought to another phrase that I am having a hard time assimilating in my own being for it simply feels un-true.

"Love will always win"

To believe that love is anything but present in all things is to misinterpret the most unconditional of all energies. Love does not judge nor take sides. Love is eternally present in all things and all beings. Love is not given to the virtuous or the humble. Perhaps it is indeed the presence of love that begins to highlight where things are not working as well as they could. That is how generous love is.

To believe that love is in a battle with fear or dark forces is a complete misnomer - for if you look closely enough there is an overflowing of love within these spaces asking to be seen. Love is not here to win for there is no war other than that created by intellect or the mind.

Just ponder and wonder for a moment - if there is no war, no battle - how might you approach what is taking shape in our current reality differently.

I, for one, know the freedom within me when I realise that I am as much a part of the creation of this current reality as I am a part of the reality that we are all co-creating together, hopefully with more harmony and peace, understanding and compassion. I do not get to sit on my high horse and believe that the select few, in power, seemingly in control are the dark forces that have brought about the destruction of our planet and communities and connection to that all that is. I played my part. The liberation to be found therein leaves me with only hope as I know that if I was as much a part of the co-creation of our current situation then we can co-create a brighter, more joyful future together.

This will not occur through separation. It will not occur by creating an elite community of self aware, conscious beings whose design is to eradicate the rest of humanity from their reality. I don't believe for one moment that we came to 'leave anyone behind'.

This last 14 months or so has shown me time and again just how small a planet we are and how such a creation as Covid can bring us all together to find a harmonious solution, to greater understand the natural laws of this amazing planet and our connection to it. That we all played our part in creating this next wave of our evolution is not lost on me. It's challenging, it's painful, it's confusing and if we trust that love is in and of everything then it is also downright beautiful.

Love is not here to win, simply illuminate the signposts forward.

Shared with love, always and all ways

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