As I lay listening to the rumblings of the earth and the resonant sound of my own heartbeat seeking deeper understand, I find myself in that liminal space between worlds that I have come to know so well. This is a world that I inhabit with great ease and grace and yet I know that I cannot stay here for all eternity. Though it is immeasurably peaceful and full of harmony and universal harmonics that vibrate longingly through my nervous system, I know that I came here to experience and become a master at being human. With this claircognizance is a curiosity and a frustration at a world that rumbles beneath me. A world that speaks in terms of fear and fight, truth and lies. My heart knows not this language and yet this mind of mine seeks to get to know its insistent clawing so that I can find a way to fit, to mould, to reconnect, to belong. The subtle yet distinguishable truth that belongs to me is that I belong inbetween worlds where fight and judgement and an insatiable need to be right simply cannot co-exist. For the message from the earth and the skies is one of a new way of being, connecting, living and loving in harmony not as some coalesced lump of formless jelly, rather as inherently and remarkably unique beings who do not fear feeling, rather desire to embody all that it is possible to feel. Unique and magnificent in our singular essence that we revere and honour each other with such wonder and awe and limitless joy in ourselves and in the other. That I can imagine such a way of being means that it is entirely possible to live and experience this way. And so as I lay listening to the rumblings of the earth that are a reflection of the rumblings of humanity I allow myself this time in liminal space so that my heart can rest and self soothe from the noise and incessant to'ing and fro'ing of rights and wrongs with the eternal intent of bringing a deeper wisdom and knowing into being. I do not wish for a saccharine new earth that is all rainbows and unicorns - this does not epitomise the human experience in my humble opinion and yet I do wish for a new earth that allows all to co-exist saturated in the light of their knowing themselves to be a multidimensional being of light full of love where no one is separate. Beauty. Connection. Light. Love. Simple, maybe?! Shared with love always, all ways.

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