Holy Communion

Holy Communion

I know that it is the Hand of God that alights Upon my high heart as I revisit the star that I Once knew in the pools Of your eyes and in that Singular embrace of our Souls reuniting I know That I am home and In the pulse of the beat That lies beneath my Skin I am aware of a Ceremonial falling into The soft folds of my skin There are no doubts to Cast aside only a deepening Curiosity as to the path That will befall us My sensitivities are Heightened just as arms Around my field grow Wider and stronger Supporting the opening And revealing of a Heart and body that has Yearned and yawned To melt into the honour Of your sacred heart And together we will Rise out of the ashes And create anew under The auspicious spirit Of all that is filled with Grace and together welcome In that to be borne out of Love and holy communion

(c) Nikki Sophia Jade

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