Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

What do you see when you look at the world. Does your mind immediately want to polarise and to see only the good or only the bad. In many ways this is and has been the experience that we came to have - the very nature of our paradigm is one of duality. What I have to come to know and experience in my being is that there is a balance that neither negates nor denies either side.

Heaven and Hell exist concurrently. It is a matter of perception. The more we polarise our views the greater the separation between the two and the greater our experience will be of that separation. That can be an extremely useful experience to have and I would be mindful of staying in any one extreme too long.

Spending too long in perceptive hell.... at this time in history, soaking up the polarising views and listening to and reading and diving deep into the rabbit hole of the density can leave the nervous system ragged, confused or perhaps even more certain of our views and leave us determined to fight our corner, rigid to the point of no longer being open or listening for other cues; even our own malleable and shifting truths.

Spending too long in perceptive heaven.... can have us potentially spiritualising everything and being in denial when our bodies and nervous system are telling us a different story and yet again we find ourselves no longer being open or listening for those very subtle yet vital cues that our being and potentially others are wishing to convey. We are determined to say inside the walls of our peaceful haven at the risk of shunning the reality of what is taking place. To defend from the stance of this is all just a game inside a matrix could be considered to be the ultimate spiritual bypass when we are very much having a human experience.

It can be incredibly difficult to balance the scales - it takes patience, stillness, a gentle but steady hand, focus and a willingness for it to never quite be as balanced as we might like. That's the game of life.

However, even desiring to find balance is a worthy pursuit in my humble opinion. My experience is that when I choose to neither negate nor deny either side, this is where I can find the peace and stillness I require to be fully and wholly present to what is taking place. This can be a moment to moment practice during these times and it is certainly something that I am aware of many, many times a day.

In this teetering space in the in-between, I find myself able to listen more deeply both to myself and to others. I remain open and vigilant and willing to expand into every potential outcome with little fear and an ever deepening trust.

Heaven and Hell exist concurrently within us and as within so without... to deny either is to deny a part of ourselves and to create further separation within and within. I, for one, am ready to live within Unity within the hallowed walls of my own being and within the world we are co-creating.

Shared with love, always and all ways

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