Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart Soul to Soul

Do you trust in the eyes looking back at you?!

Can you find the deeper essence of your soul willing you to see the whole sense of who you are

As we question aspects of our external world that are crumbling and free falling - it would be unsurprising if we were to find ourselves questioning ourselves - the very fabric of the life that we have built around ourselves.

It would not be surprising to find old stories and beliefs rearing themselves as we spiral once more and stretch ourselves into the expansion of our own evolutionary becoming.

The threads of the stories that we have written upon the pages of our lives may be like disappearing ink as we witness blank pages looming in front of us asking us to dig deeper into the eternal knowing of our souls.

Can you give yourself permission to freefall into the arms of the divine, anchoring yourself in the heart of every cell of your being into the cosmic love of the Universe allowing this energy to pervade your very being.

It is time to travel to the heart of your knowing, the truest essence of the experience you came to be incarnate here on the earthly plane. There is no pressure from an eternally loving Source who cares not about the timing for indeed it is infinite in its patience.

Go deeper, feel deeper into the heart of your own luminescent heart and that which you desire to be in this world. Being is not devoid of action, in fact it is action in pure motion when we truly allow ourselves to be the full essence of our Soul in human form.

It is time to trust the face in the mirror, to love the essence of the Soul looking back at you unrelentingly, unconditionally. Allow the deepest essence of your heart to spiral in and out of your experiences with you heeding your being and trusting in its benevolent wisdom.

You are held beyond your wildest imaginings.

When you allow this to be your experience you will come to know it so personally and intimately that though phased as you will be by life - you will be holding yourself steadfastly to the centre of your pure cosmic heart of knowing and of love.

I see you.

Shared with love always, all ways

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