"For it is in seeing Beauty, that you will come to know Love"

"For it is in seeing beauty that you will come to know love..."

These have been my 'bywords' for a little while now. I have cited previously how this phrase literally ran through my being - it was neither a thought nor a vision, nor happened upon from a meditative place, rather a simple experience whilst sitting in stillness. I am always fascinated that at times we are given something - moreover for me it tends towards being an experience that taps into a form of claircognizance. When I experienced these words, there was a remembering, a deep intuitive knowing. Everything that I share comes from this place - I am somewhat stubborn when it comes to not relaying the teachings of others, not from a place of anything other than it is only experience, in my humble opinion, that truly formulates our understanding of the world around us. To be more precise, the experience that I have of the world - for indeed this is the only reference point that I can truly own. I cannot make my experience yours in order for you to gain some insight or understanding. I can share and inspire and empower you only to delve deeper into your own experiences with life and from there relish in your own sovereignty and self responsibility. Sovereignty and self responsibility towards to the external world that you are creating from y our internal experience. Though there was a deep resonance in my being when these words first ran through me - I am always aware that it takes time and integration and embodiment and perhaps even infinite spirals of awareness to truly experience the depth. For this reason and a deeper experience that has been happening within me this past week or so, I wanted to drop into these 'bywords' with you and share what it is that I am feeling and sensing. "For it is in seeing beauty that we come to know love....."

Many spiritual teachings are predicated upon the notion that love is the foremost energy of creation and whilst this has some resonance of truth, for me. What I experienced with the above is that the energy of love came out of experiencing beauty. Im typing with a wry smile as words can seem so inadequate when trying to describe such a place within us and I love words and their ability to evoke and carry magickal energies of intention, incantation and spell~ing. However, I want to invite you into the experience rather than to think it through with your head or even feel into it with your heart. This is rather a deep place of soul recognition. Be with the phrase for a while - read it over a few times perhaps, even speak it out loud and be with the experience. "For it is in seeing beauty that you will come to know love..." What I have come to understand more fully as I embody the above is that we cannot use our minds, our hearts or even our senses to comprehend the depth of these words. These are all gateways, however, the true embodied experience is simply one of knowing at such a deep resonance that it 'just is'. We will all have the had the experience of visually seeing something extraordinarily beautiful and, of course, this is perceptive to each one of us - however, for the sake of this journal piece, imagining a beautiful sunset or the most exquisite flower - what you perceive with your mind, feel with your heart or even touch is not what gives you the experience of deep connection of an overflowing of tears - it is, as I understand it now, something beyond this - the energy of 'beauty'. So pure in and of itself that we have an emotional reaction to it. I proffer that all of nature's most magnificent offerings to us are a gateway to the heart of creation - to beauty. It is from this embodied knowing of beauty that cannot be seen nor touched, nor even felt - that we experience true 'love'. This, for me, is the ultimate connection to all. When we begin to experience and embody this so we come to experience ourselves as this pure, unadulterated beauty - the pure essence of creation. When we experience our own beauty in this way, given that everything is inside of us - the whole universe is inside of us - then the external falls away. What I mean by this is that our need for external validation or distraction in order to know ourselves as the beauty we are, is no longer necessary. Even the beautiful flower or the mesmerising sunset are no longer needed for us to remember and experience our connection to the whole of creation. To the energy of beauty. From this place we get to play with life in a more conscious and free way. We hold no expectation of others, nor the land or the trees. We don't need anything outside of ourselves to validate who we are. We can choose how to spend our time and, of course, enjoy experiencing what this human body can give us - which is touch and taste and smell and emotions. Yet we do this with far more discernment and greater innocence. I invite you to let go of your mind and heart wanting to understand and simply gift yourself the intention of experiencing beauty by going in and then the outward is not bound by you nor to you. "For it is in seeing beauty that you will come to know love..." Seeing with the inner knowing.... Shared with love always and all ways...

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