As news of Global Protests of Crimes Against Humanity filter across our airwaves - I find myself wanting to dig deeper into my pockets for words to share.

As more and more information finds its way into the public domain about the potential implications of the last 18 months and indeed the potential implications of the rollout of the vaccine I find myself wanting to outstretch my heart and my arms to the whole of humanity.

As ever I am not called to position myself one way or another - however, what I am deeply called to do is to invite us all to take even greater care of each other, than perhaps we have ever done. I read a stirring post by Clare Dubois of TreeSisters earlier today. Clare has been campaigning for Climate Change relentlessly for years. I admire her strength and tenacity and vulnerability so much. Please go to her post if you are called to do so. It is a sobering look at the state of the planet. Often I wish that my calling was towards the planet or indeed its animals - however, I have known all my life that my calling is for the support of humanity. I am a Humanitarian by default. I feel the pain of humanity more than I do the planet. I wonder at the perfection that we all have our role to play in different ways.

Coming back to digging deeper.

As I dig deeper into my pockets for the words and the wisdom that wishes to be spoken through me - I find my heart reaching out to those who will be finding these times extremely difficult and confusing to understand.

Many of us are lucky enough to not be surprised by the events of the last eighteen months, many others have been awaiting the arrival of some such events to escalate the evolution of humanity. Many have a clear sense of their role and purpose in all of this as Souls in Bodies. Many are excited by the way in which change is taking place and are championing it and fuelling the fires of transmutation and transformation.

HOWEVER, and it is a BIG HOWEVER, there are many, many others who will be finding this time overwhelming, confusing, scary, painful, challenging and deeply unsettling because they do not have the insights and foresight that others have. Of course we can argue that each of us is having the exact experience that we came to have at this time - that is great if you have that conscious awareness. Some simply do not.

I would ask each and every one of us who has some insight, some foresight, some semblance of feeling okay with what is happening to some degree because we understand the bigger picture - to really look out for those who do not have this broader perspective. It may be someone you know, in your family, it may be someone that you bump into in the post office queue or in the supermarket. Now is not a time for I told you so or any sense of superiority because you foretold of these happenings - NOW is a time for digging even deeper and finding yet more compassion and yet more love for each and every single one of our fellow human beings. Destruction and Rebirth are inevitable. Change is a given. Our ability to be compassionate and loving towards each other is a choice we can make in every single moment.

Let's not leave anyone behind as we up-level and evolve. We are all in this together.

From the depth of my pockets to yours - let's find a way to be even kinder, even more compassionate.

Love is the fundamental force that underpins everything - EVERYTHING... lets love more, not less - not because love wins - this is not a war we are in - if we see it as such then we are simply rehashing centuries of previous behaviour. Love just is. Let it be. Be love and we may just begin to experience our world anew - together.

Shared with love always, all ways

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