Breaking Open


Meeting control with control, even within yourself, may not be the best recourse for any of us to take right now.

After centuries of control in all its many guises being at the epicentre of our experience here on earth - I sense we are at a pivotal point in time where we literally cannot hold on any longer. What I mean by holding on is both intuited that we simply cannot hold on to what has been, what no longer remains, what no longer exists and we cannot 'hold' a space for the new to arrive. I sense that in not knowing what the 'new' looks like, we have to surrender into relinquishing any kind of holding and allow all to break open that the light may find its way in through the cracks of our own being, the cracks that are so evident within humanity at this time and the cracks that are ever present within the earth herself. To meet control with any kind of control supposes a battle of wills as to who will win out. I know personally I simply do not have the energy, the resources or the desire to hold on, to fight, to will it out and I have one of the strongest wills of people I know. My Soul is bone tired. To meet resistance with resistance is futile even if that resistance to what is, is coming from love, compassion and kindness. I wrote in an earlier post how being energetically floored by a migraine this last weekend, has left me incredibly sensitive and open. More open. More vulnerable. More innocent. Perhaps therein lies some sweet wisdom. To see the world through innocent eyes is to let go of all that has been, all that might be and simply reside in the present. Of course, this we know. However, through innocent eyes there is the potential to truly let go of judgement and right and wrong and separation. The innocent eye and heart, they have not yet felt the challenge and pain and unjust that this world has delivered up in so many ways for so long. So I posit this as I type and look out with a heart broken open yet again that I can feel and experience such hope, such tenderness, such peace, such purity. That I can feel these energies - they have to be present. Would you be willing to break open over and over again to feel this, to experience this as your reality, even for a moment?! Would you be willing to perceptively turn your back on all you think you know for just one moment in time and allow yourself to break open, to new depths, to new understanding, to new energies. In breaking open I recognise that I am never ever alone and am supported by unknown forces and as they gently wipe the tears from my eyes - strength, courage, focus, will all arise from a different place within me. It is not predicated upon anything that I know, rather a willingness to stay so open and listen attentively and with vigilance to the energies and forces that are beyond the realms of our ability to sense them clearly. Love is the guiding force that asks and invites you to break open and it is this force that will hold you as you weep, grieve and allow yourself to be lost and confused. As you awaken into a new dawning of your own heart, allow the innocence to remain with you, wondering anew at what love could truly, truly do if we simply stayed open and allowed without any ideas of knowing. Breaking Open is challenging to allow ourselves to do and yet it holds such exquisite gifts and beauty if we give ourselves permission. From my quietly humble heart to yours.... Shared with love always, all ways

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