Be the Inspiration you came here to be

Be the Inspiration You Came to Be

“I have spent many days stringing and unstringing my instrument while the song I came to sing remains unsung.” Rabindranath Tagore

Following receiving the most beautiful, heartfelt, generous and humbling private message this morning alluding to how my writing has inspired - I am inspired to write this post.

We live in such a beautifully reciprocal Universe of receiving and giving, giving and receiving.

The above quote I have shared before illuminates a time in my life where I was diving deep in the bottomless waters of wanting desperately to share my passions with the world and yet not knowing how, being too afraid, fearful of rejection - caught in the trauma of not being seen amongst many other threads that I have gently and deftly unravelled over time.

Though I now share happily all my words and inspiration that flow from my heart and through me - receiving this morning's message reminded me that often times our smile, our writings, our art, our words, our conversation, quite simply just our energy... ripple out into the world and create waves of magic that we may never know about. I don't believe we need to know and of course as human beings, it is utterly beautiful to receive reward, praise and gratitude... it stokes the fire and it is more than okay that it does.

What it lit up in me again is that 7.5 billion people on the planet have a unique energy signature - it matters not whether we feel the field is saturated - one more voice, one more moment of connection, one more expression from one more heart, creates more love, more awareness, more permission for others to do the same. It is simply not possible to create a world where there is too much Love. Love loves nothing more than creating upon itself and growing its magnetic field.

PLEASE do not let your song remain unsung..... it does not have to be on a global setting or indeed on social media. Where does not matter - the Why does. Feed your own heart and being with the love, reverberation and essence of your Soul flowing through you in the most authentic way to you.

Begin with you. Begin with doing it for you. That in itself with serve those around you and beyond and beyond. The ripple effects create themselves.

I know you're scared at times. I know the trauma of feeling isolated, unseen, abandoned can rear its head - so go about letting your inner child know just how safe they are - that you will never leave their side, no matter what.

Your Heart needs you to express. It is crying out for you to feed and feel its soul expression.

Be it. Do it your way. But please do it.

Small steps can be quantum leaps in our current times and energies so know that you are held beyond your wildest imaginings. Whatever you can imagine is possible - it is because you placed that dream within yourself.

You got you.

Shared with love always, all ways

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