“Vibrational essences are tinctures of liquid consciousness and stored within them is an evolutionary force, indeed the life force itself”


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Introducing The Essences


Sophia Jade Essences


The Sophia Jade Essences are a collection of natural perfumes that are imbued with intention in the form of words. There are thirteen essences in the collection. 


The Essences are currently in pre-production - August 2020


So what are Vibrational Essences

Everything that exists within this Universe of ours is made up of energy. Therefore, every thing has a vibration of its own. These essences are based upon written intentions.


“In the beginning was the word….” (logos)

Words have a vibration and sound all of their own.
These essences are created upon the innate intelligence and vibration of words.

An energy that goes back to the beginning of time.

Simply put, each essence is imbued with the words of thirteen individual intentions and made with the pure beauty and energy of plants and flowers. 

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"When you first get a glimpse of your true essence, that which resides inside of you, then you will know what true beauty is and you will see it ever more reflected in the world around you.
And it is in seeing and experiencing beauty that you will come to know love..."


A brief synopsis:

1. Tree of Life: "There is an interconnectedness between all of life..."

2. Creation: "In the beginning there was you..."

3. Alchemist: "Two forces combine to create an explosion of light..."

4. Stillness: "It is in the stillness, I'll meet you there..."

5. Freedom of Expression: "Shine a light brighter than you ever imagined on the unique essence of you..."

6. Dreamer: "That which you can imagine already exists..."

7. Truth: "Dare to stand naked and feel the truth of who you are..."

8. Enchantress: "There is a natural flow and cycle to all of life's most beautiful manifestations..."

9. The Guardian: "“The raw and naked energy of a man standing in the truth of his heart will be felt the world over….”

10. Lady Sovereignty: "“The sovereign woman is not made in an instant. She is forged out of pressure and challenges, knowing all the while the light within her…”

11. The Sage: "The outer expression is a reflection of the inner vision..."

12. Grace: "She walks the earth knowing all the while that which makes her who she is..."

13. Presence: "The world rises up to the meet the man in full presence..."


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