Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever"



How you can Engage

You are able to engage with Sophia Jade in the followings ways

Purchase the Essences
Purchase the Sophia Jade Pendant
Purchase the Sigil design as an Energetic Tattoo
Sacred Spaces
1:1 Sessions

Sacred Spaces:

I am holding sacred spaces for people who desire to work with the Essences in a group dynamic. These Sacred Spaces are a safe and held container and are an opportunity to experience the Vibration and transformative qualities of each Essence. 
Dates and Locations will be shared and updated here. 

1:1 Sessions:

I am working 1:1 with those individuals who are keen to experience the Essences and desire to be supported in a more closely held way. Please message me if you are keen to work in this way.

Sophia Jade is a company who desires to create beauty with simplicity, integrity and purity at its core. 
I am particularly interested in collaborating with anyone who aligns to my vision and would like to co-create the following:

A bespoke White Rose Oil for the Sophia Jade brand
A high end Jewellery Collection
Luxurious and elegant clothing

If you are excited about having a conversation then please message me. 


Thank You:

I would like to extend deep gratitude - that goes beyond words - to Fiona Takacs of Earthador for the photography.
For capturing the absolute pure essence of Sophia Jade. For capturing the connection of All. 
Working with Fiona was effortless in its grace, everything that Sophia Jade has come to stand for and create. 

Fiona can be contacted here.... 


“Twas Grace that taught my heart to fear
And Grace, my fears relieved
How precious did that Grace appear the hour I first believed...” 
- John Newton, Amazing Grace -



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All Words and Images are Copyrighted to Sophia Jade

Photography: Fiona Takacs of Earthador

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