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"To love beauty is to see light"

Victor Hugo

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Introducing Nikola Sophia Jade

Introducing Nikola Sophia Jade

A Sacred Energy Alchemist, Wisdom Keeper.

A writer, life explorer and pioneer of the feminine heart and sacred soul.

My passion lies in creating beauty and both physical and metaphorical safe containers where alchemy and transformation can take place. To see the spark of the divine alive in another's eyes.

My simple desire, to inspire the light within all life.

Sigil / Symbol

The sigil that forms part of the Sophia Jade Logo is a symbol of beauty. 
Infused with wisdom and purity, harmony and balance. 
It has much magic and depth to it and its potency and power is in the unique encoding of each of the Thirteen Sophia Jade Essences within it. 

In its simplest form it is the balance between Heaven and Earth, Soul and Body. It is the inner sacred marriage between our Masculine and Feminine and supports us in remembering the interconnectedness of all.

It connects us to the zero point, to the point of creation. To the point of ultimate 'beauty'. 

Beyond this its meaning and symbolism is far reaching. 

I invite you into its depths for you to "feel" its meaning, power, magic and potency for yourself. 

Follow the Wisdom of your own Heart.




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